Sunday Preview

Equipping Hour

The Book of the Twelve

In this class, we’re diving headlong into the minor prophets in order to see how they help us to worship Jesus more faithfully and deeply.

Youth (7th-12th Grade)

Students from 7th-12th grade can join us as we continue our series called “Enjoying God.”

Pre-Teen (4th-6th Grade)

Children (Infant-3rd grade)

Using Lifeway’s Gospel Project curriculum, we help our children see the glory of God in the big story of the Bible.  


Service - 1o:30am

Theme: If God is for us, who can be against us?
Sermon: Fear Not
Scripture: Matthew 10:26-33
Preacher: Mike McKinley
OT Reading: Psalm 56
NT Reading: Romans 8:31-39



we meet for evening service on the 2nd & 4th sundays of the month.

Join us as we sing, pray for the advance of the gospel, and hear from God’s word from the book of Ephesians. Youth and children’s classes meet as well.

We encourage you to use the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month to pursue fellowship & hospitality outside the church walls.

Upcoming Evening Service Schedule:

  • August 25 - Ephesians 5:1-2

  • September 8 - Ephesians 5:3-21



8    Men’s Reading & Accountability group
18  Candid Conversations
20   New Equipping Classes Begin
22   Men’s Reading & Accountability group
25   Pumpkin Carving Youth Social @ the Vuljanics’


10  Men’s Reading & Accountability group
22  Fellowship Meal
24  Men’s Reading & Accountability group
27  Ice Cream Youth Social @ the Gale’s

Upcoming Events

Equipping Class

spbc_equip_logo_SM (2).jpg

Quick! Name the books of the Bible that most intimidate you. Which books of the Bible have you spent the least amount of time in? Which books of the Bible do you fear to speak of in public for fear that you’ll inevitably mispronounce them?

Our guess is that, for most of us, the section of Scripture that most intimidates us is that mysterious part that comes after the Daniel and before Matthew – that part they call the Minor Prophets.

Also known as “The Book of the Twelve” (because there are twelve of them), the Minor Prophets often feel unapproachable for many of us. Their language feels foreign, their poetry deep, and their meaning…mysterious.

Well, we’ve got good news for you: even if you can’t spell or even pronounce the Minor Prophets, you can understand how to approach them. You can know them better than you do now. And you can see how they point to Jesus.

That’s our aim in this class. We’ll dive headlong into the Twelve in order to see how they help us to worship Jesus more faithfully and deeply.

Come dive into the deep end with us. Sign up here.

Men’s Reading & Accountability Group 2019

It’s never too late to join our Men’s Reading and Accountability Group. The purpose of this group is to learn and apply theology to our lives, as well as hold one another accountable in our pursuit of holiness. We meet approximately every 2 weeks on Tuesday mornings from 6:00-7:30am at the church building. If you’d like to be part of this group, then please RSVP to Mike Jones (


Cellphones in the Service

We’ve noticed a number of cellphones going off in the service recently. It would be great if you could silence or switch off your cell phone during the service. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Apartment Life

Apartment Life is a ministry that places missional couples and families in apartments with the permission of the owners. They have two properties they’re partnering with that are within a 15-minute drive of Sterling Park Baptist Church. They’re looking to hire a couple (or 2 guy/2 girl roommates) by giving them a steeply discounted rate on a two-bedroom apartment to throw parties funded by the apartment staff, build relationships, share the love of Christ with their neighbors, and invite them to church. Both properties are available for immediate move in. For more information, contact

Examining Ourselves

As we prepare to share the Lord’s Supper together this Sunday, we encourage you to take time this week to examine yourself (1 Cor. 11:28). We look forward to celebrating this meal together!

Nursing Moms Room

Please note that the overflow room is exclusively for nursing moms. If you have any questions then please feel free to speak to one of the staff.

The eDirectory

We hope you’re enjoying using the eDirectory. If you haven’t received an invite yet, check your spam folder for an email called "Welcome to the Sterling Park Baptist Church Directory!" If you still can’t find it, email us at and we’ll help fix the problem.

Ways to Give to the Ministry of SPBC

We offer a number of ways that you can support the ministry of Sterling Park Baptist Church. While we are grateful for all forms of financial support, some forms of giving are more cost-effective for us than others. Here are the options for providing financial support in order of preference:

  • Use the bill pay option at your bank to send checks to SPBC on the schedule you choose. This option is free for you and us, does not require that you obtain any routing or account numbers, and allows you to provide regular support during vacations and other times away. For greater security for your donation, please have your bank mail checks to P.O. Box 2743, Sterling, VA  20167.

  • Place cash or checks in the donation boxes at the exits from the main hall. This option is also free, but requires you to play “catch up” when you miss a Sunday.

  • Click here to give online using the bank account option. This is the online option that has the lowest processing fees.

  • Click here to give online using a credit or debit card. This option deducts standard bank card processing fees.

Scripture Memory

With the start of the new year you may want to consider adding regular Scripture memory to your routine! Karen has freshly stocked our Scripture memory books for adults and children.  Children can use the memory books in coordination with Gospel Project for prizes! If you are interested please feel free to email to purchase your books!

Hospitality Sundays

There is no Evening Service on the first Sundays of the month. The main purpose is to encourage and free up the afternoon/evening for hospitality and fellowship with one another outside the church building. What could that look like? 

  • Have members and/or visitors over for lunch to enjoy one another and discuss the day's sermon.

  • Attend one of our student's sporting events and grab a bite to eat afterwards as church family.

  • Invite church members over along with unbelieving neighbors for an evening of food and fellowship.

  • Invite people to go out for an evening stroll followed by some ice cream.

The possibilities are many. The point is, we'd love to begin thinking more intentionally about spending time together with each other and unbelievers for the sake of the gospel. So think and pray about what those particular Sunday afternoons and evenings could look like for you.

Church Hospitality

  1. Service Opportunity: We need to add a few volunteers to our hospitality team to assist with set up and clean up duties for our after-service refreshment time on Sundays. Volunteers will work with a partner in the kitchen about once every six weeks. Contact Lisa Hergenrather ( for more information.

  2. The children’s table for Sunday refreshments is designated for children up to age 12. Teenagers may use the adult table.

  3. If you need to borrow things (tablecloths, coffee pot, water dispensers) that are typically used for Sunday refreshments, you are welcome to do so, but please remember to return them to the kitchen for use on Sunday.


Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning Jen Welch will continue our series on Enjoying God. Here’s the big idea of this week’s session: in every failure we can enjoy the Son’s grace.

Upcoming Teaching

You can find the upcoming teaching schedule here.

Upcoming Events

You can find the schedule for upcoming events below:

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.13.19 AM.png


Free haircuts for Sterling Elementary Students!

On Wednesday, August 21st, we are offering FREE back to school haircuts for girls, boys and men! We are inviting Sterling Elementary students to come to SPBC on August 21st from 9:00am-3:00pm for a haircut. We will offer free haircuts, but will also accept donations to support the time of the hairdressers. We also want to encourage church members and their families to come, get a haircut, and support the event. If you pay for your haircut then others in the community can get a free cut. You can then hang out, have a coffee, and get to know families in our neighborhood. It's first come first served and will take around 20-30 minutes for a basic cut/trim. If you are sure you want to attend you can email Karen McKinley (

Get Involved with Local Outreach

Local Outreach for the fall is underway! New opportunities to serve during the day and in the evening are available. Some areas of service are food pantry, ESL, childcare for parenting classes, and tutoring kids from Sterling Elementary. If you have not contacted Karen McKinley, but want to be a part of the Outreach Team, email

Hope Community Center

Ayman and Mary Lolas run the Hope Community Center (HCC) which aims to reach Arabs for Christ. We are excited about this ministry and want to extend opportunities two opportunities to serve: Conversation English Classes and a Women's Meeting. If you are interested in serving you can email Ayman.


Missions Opportunities

Because our church is a part of the Radstock Network we have many connections with churches all over the world. If you are interested in taking a missions trip to any of our partner churches or are interested in having conversations about going to a foreign culture for the short or long term feel free to reach out to Seth Wachtel.

General Info

Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling is a vital ministry that is provided by our church. Recognizing that we are sinners living in a broken world, we see biblical counseling as a normal (and often necessary) part of the Christian life. For more information, please go to our church website or email Brenda at to book an appointment. 

Parking Spaces

Since we fill up every Sunday morning, it'd be great if we could leave the parking spaces closest to the building available for those who are visitors or for families with small children. A small but great way to serve others!

Small Groups

Small groups are a fantastic way to get to know people, serve others, support one another and grow as a Christian. We would encourage all of our members to seriously consider joining a small group in Ashburn, Fairfax, Herndon, or Sterling. For more information, please contact Mike Jones. 

Sermon Audio

Our morning and evening sermons are posted every Monday on our church website and our iTunes Podcast.

Office Closed on Fridays and Saturdays

Please note that the church office is typically closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Looking for Ways to Serve SPBC?

At SPBC we have various ministries (e.g. music, ushering/greeting, A/V, children's ministry, youth ministry, hospitality). Thus, there are many ways to serve! If you are looking for practical ways to serve the congregation, please contact Mike Jones.

SPBC Exchange Group

If you would like to join the buy/sell SPBC Exchange group on Facebook, please contact Emily Borkholder and she would be more than happy to add you. Current members of the group are also welcome to add people who have been added to the church's membership.

Lost & Found

Have you lost any items at the church building? Check out the Lost & Found box in the church office by the water cooler.