Church Covenant

Our Church Covenant outlines the commitments we make to one another as members of this local church.

Church Constitution & Bylaws

Our Constitution & Bylaws outline rules we have agreed upon which help us to function well as a church. These are the procedures by which, among other things, we elect our leaders, add and remove members to our church, and generally order ourselves as we seek to glorify God and encourage each other.



Gender Roles in the Life of the Church

"One of our foundational convictions is that Scripture must govern the practices of the church. Church leaders are not at liberty to order the life of the congregation according to the practices of the business world or the preferences and assumptions of our wider culture. Instead we understand that Christ rules over his church by his Word; he has spoken to us and given us everything we need for life and godliness together..."

Baptism (Upcoming)

This position paper is currently being worked on by our Elder team. Once it has been completed, it will be posted here.