Who are we? Well, it all starts with who we were.

We were lost. We were without God and without hope in the world.

We were ashamed. We’d tried to minimize our mistakes, but we knew we were unclean.

We were guilty. We couldn’t deny that we’d done wrong, but we didn’t know where to find forgiveness. 

We were dead. We had no spiritual life – no true love for God.

But now everything’s different.

Jesus has come seeking the lost, giving them rest. He bore our shame on cross, making us clean. Jesus assumed our guilt, bleeding and dying in our place. And Jesus paved the way for eternal life, rising from the grave.

We still don’t have it all together, but we do have Jesus. Which is why we place all our faith in Him.  

So, we’re a family of Christians who have professed that through baptism and have united together to live out our new lives as a local church.


While we do a lot of things as a church, our understanding of God’s overarching purpose of redemption leads us to be focused on two main things

  1. Maturing in Christ (Growing as Christians)

  2. Multiplying (Reaching more people with the good news of salvation in Jesus)

Lord willing, everything we do as a church will serve one of these gospel purposes.