Radstock Ministries

Our church is a part of the Radstock Network. Radstock is a global network of churches connected for mission. Radstock aims to see mission-driven churches equipped and planted throughout the world. They focus on developing inter-church partnerships, equipping churches to do and think about missions well, creating opportunities for ministry, and providing expertise from many countries, cultures and ministries.

To give to our missionaries who are a part of the Radstock Network, follow the instructions below:


1. Go to http://radstock.org/give/

2. Click on the American Flag.

3. Sign in to Radstock or Create a log-in.

4. From the left side select either Give Now (for a one time donation) or select Scheduled Giving (for a recurring donation).

5. Select the missionary you would like to support from the Please Choose From List drop down.

6. Fill out your form of payment information.

7. Press submit.


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