The purpose of these classes is to equip believers for life and ministry. Each class will seek to equip people's heads (i.e. educate our minds), hearts (i.e. fuel our affections for Jesus and other people), and hands (i.e. motivate our wills to obey and serve).

We hope you'll join us for one of our classes this quarter. You can view and sign up for current offerings below. Note that free childcare is provided during these classes.

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Fall Semester

The Storytelling God

How TV and movies echo God's big story

Oct 7 - Dec 16 (9 Weeks)
Teacher: Mike Jones

The average person spends 5 hours a day in front of a TV screen. $30 billion is spent each year on movies alone. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are some of our most familiar friends. It’s no secret that many of us are addicted to entertainment. We can’t get enough! Why is it that the TV shows and movies we watch not only capture our imagination but resonate with our souls? In this Equipping Class, we will connect the dots between the stories we tell and God’s big story of redemption. We will see how the TV shows and movies we watch inevitably echo the narrative underlying all of history: the story of man’s fall into sin and God’s triumphant salvation. The goal of this class is to help you both thoughtfully engage with the TV shows and movies you watch and enjoy them more to the glory of God!


How to faithfully navigate parenthood by being rooted in the gospel.

Oct 7 - Dec 9 (8 Weeks)
Teacher: Brenda Pauken

This 8-week course will be based on Paul Tripp’s teaching on the following topics with respect to parenting: Calling, Identity, Authority and False Gods. Each week, course participants will watch approximately 30 minutes of Dr. Tripp’s teaching at home, and then we will join together on Sunday mornings to discuss and apply that teaching to our own lives and situations. Parents with kids of all ages would benefit from this course. Please sign up early so you can get the link and passcode to watch the video before our first meeting on October 7.

Doctrine & Devotion

Deep thinking and holy living from the 1689 London Baptist Confession

Oct 7 - Dec 16 (9 Weeks)
Teacher: Seth Wachtel

In 1677, a group of faithful Baptists in London decided that they didn’t want the Presbyterians to get all the glory (and persecution) of being Reformed Dissenters (i.e. ‘disagreers’) from the Church of England. So, in order to distinguish their own identity as a church, they took what they liked from the Westminster (Presbyterian) Confession of Faith and rounded it out to be properly Baptist. They published it anonymously so as not to get into too much trouble. But a few years later, when more freedom was given to the dissenters, they re-published it and signed on the dotted line. This became known at the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, or the Second London Confession.