The purpose of these classes is to equip believers for life and ministry. Each class will seek to equip people's heads (i.e. educate our minds), hearts (i.e. fuel our affections for Jesus and other people), and hands (i.e. motivate our wills to obey and serve).

We hope you'll join us for one of our classes this quarter. You can view and sign up for current offerings below. Note that free childcare is provided during these classes.

If you are new or just checking out the church, you're welcome to come and check out classes, too!



Summer Semester

In His Image

July 8 - Sept. 23 (13 Weeks)
Time: 9:30-10:15am

What is God's will for your life? How do you know what he wants you to do with your time, energy, and resources? How do you discern God's will for you in the big and small things of life? We search high and low for the answer to these questions. But when we take a close look at Scripture, the answer comes from a surprising place: the character of God. In this Equipping Class, we’ll explore God’s will for us by looking at who He is...

And here’s our guarantee: you’ll leave this class knowing exactly what God’s will is for your life.



Fall Semester

Fall schedule coming soon...