The purpose of these classes is to equip believers for life and ministry. Each class will seek to equip people's heads (i.e. educate our minds), hearts (i.e. fuel our affections for Jesus and other people), and hands (i.e. motivate our wills to obey and serve).

We hope you'll join us for one of our classes this quarter. You can view and sign up for current offerings below. Note that free childcare is provided during these classes.

If you are new or just checking out the church, you're welcome to come and check out classes, too!


Fall Quarter

October 20-December 15 (8 Weeks)

Church history

The Bride’s Perilous Journey to Her Wedding Feast

Teacher: Seth Wachtel

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Such a statement shows our desire to know someone better. We want them to give us the key points of their life’s journey. What have been the highs? What have been the lows? Where did they go off track? Where did they get corrected? Who have they met and what did you learn from them?

And in this class we’re going to be seeking these kinds of answers from another friend—a friend with whom we spend lots of time, but (if we’re honest) we just don’t know that much about.

 That friend is the Church. What would we learn if we sat down for a while with the Church and said, “Tell me a little bit about yourself”? What have been the highs and the lows? Where did she go off track and how did she find her way again?

The Church is the Bride of Christ and this is the story of her journey to her Marriage Feast. The aim of this course is to introduce us to the key people, events, and concepts that she’s encountered on her journey; a journey being guided by and to her long-awaited Beloved: the Lord Jesus Christ.

Women's Precept Study: The Gospel of John

Walking With Jesus in His Word

Teachers: Jen Welch & Amy Kemp

Ladies, would you like to learn to walk with Jesus as the Light of the world, and develop a more intimate relationship with Him? Then we hope you will join us for our Precept Bible study. This study is John part 2: The Light of the World, and it focuses on chapters 7-11 in the Gospel of John. We will also be learning about the Jewish feasts and Holy days that are mentioned throughout the book of John, and will see how they relate to Jesus. If you did not participate in the first part of the series, it's ok! The first lesson has us review chapters 1-6, so you can jump right in with us. 

There will be two options to choose from for this study. Both require the purchase of a workbook, but if the cost is a problem please let us know and we can provide the book for you.

  • Precept Upon Precept (see sample here) will have you discovering truth for yourself as you look up cross references and do word studies for greek and hebrew words. You will complete a chapter study for each lesson which will help you learn to really dig into God's Word on your own. It usually requires about 4-5 hours of homework per week. The cost for the workbook is $18.

  • In&Out (see sample here) The focus in this study is "Taking it In" - reading the text carefully and learning from key words and themes, and "Living it Out" - thinking and praying about how the text applies to your life. This study requires only 1-3 hours of homework per week. The cost for the workbook is $14.

Both studies cover the same material in John, so you will be learning from God's Word, and will be able to participate in the discussion no matter which option you choose. 

If you have any questions, email Amy at

Growing Together

Toward More Meaningful Relationships

Teacher: Brenda Pauken

Would you like to have more meaningful relationships or a bigger impact on the spiritual health of our church body? Ephesians 4:25 tells us that we are “members one of another,” which provides much incentive to do so by making it clear that the health of each member directly affects the health of all. But it can be hard to know how to encourage and exhort each other in a way that is truly fruitful. In this 8-week class, we’ll listen to CCEF faculty and board members teach on practical ways to grow in interpersonal ministry, providing skills that are accessible to every church member. We will listen and discuss the following topics:

· How our own neediness is essential to interpersonal ministry

· How to combine knowledge of people with knowledge of Scripture

· The importance of true spiritual friendship in the Christian life

· How to mature together so that our church community grows into the likeness of Christ

In addition to attending the class, participants will be asked to complete approximately 2 hours of work outside of class. You will need to obtain your own copy of the workbook, which can be provided by SPBC for $8 as supplies allow. If you cannot afford a workbook, please contact, and one will be provided to you at no cost. 

 We look forward to having you join us as we transform our relationships to the glory of God!