The purpose of these classes is to equip believers for life and ministry. Each class will seek to equip people's heads (i.e. educate our minds), hearts (i.e. fuel our affections for Jesus and other people), and hands (i.e. motivate our wills to obey and serve).

We hope you'll join us for one of our classes this quarter. You can view and sign up for current offerings below. Note that free childcare is provided during these classes.

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Winter Quarter

Rhythms of Faith

how shaping our daily rhythms shapes our hearts

Feb 3 - Mar 31 (9 Weeks)
Teacher: Seth wachtel

What makes a faithful Christian life? 

If we’re honest, many of us have a nagging sense that we’re not quite doing enough for Jesus. We go to work, we study for class, and we take care of the kids. But aren’t we supposed to be doing “big things” for God?!

But what if—when God made us—he knew we’d need to go to work, and make lunches, and change diapers, and do homework, and brush our teeth? What if those mundane parts of our lives aren’t wasteful at all? What if our acknowledging and enjoying God in those parts of life is the whole point?

What many of us need is not sudden radicalization, but life-long transformation. Which means we need new rhythms to our everyday Christian lives—rhythms that help us to worship God in the middle of all the mundane moments that inevitably make up our lives.  

In this class, we’ll take nine weeks to walk through one day—an ordinary day in your life. And we’ll seek to discover and form rhythms of ordinary faithfulness which, in return, form us.

The Gospel of John: The Word Became Flesh (Women’s Study)

a bible study seeking to equip women to faithfully study god’s word

feb 3 - apr 7 (10 Weeks)
Teacher: amy kemp

How well do you know Jesus, the Son of God? How is Jesus is portrayed in the Gospel of John, and why? What does it mean to have life in His name? What does Jesus say about His relationship with God the Father? These are just some of the questions we will explore as we study the works and words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John. 

In this class, we will do an overview of the entire book of John, and then focus on the first 6 chapters using the Precepts Bible study method. We will learn how to observe each chapter carefully in order to interpret and apply the principles there. This is a great way to draw out truths from any book of the Bible as you study on your own. 

There will be homework for this class each week, and you will need to purchase a workbook from the Precepts website. (link below)