Sterling Park Baptist Church



Next Week's Theme:

"Jesus brings light to a dark world."


Equipping Classes

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Equipping Classes

  • The Storytelling God

  • Parenting

  • Doctrine & Devotion*

*Note: If you are visiting, you can attend the Doctrine & Devotion class.

Youth (7th-12th)

7th-12th graders will be looking at the theme for the week through the lens of either the OT or NT passage.

Pre-Teen (4th-6th)

4th-6th graders will be going over Gospel project material.

Morning Service

Join us as we worship God through song, prayer, and hearing His word.

Sermon: The Early Ministry
Scripture: Matthew 4:12-25
Speaker: Mike McKinley
OT Reading: Isaiah 42:1-9
NT Reading: John 8:12-20

Evening Service

Join us this Sunday evening as we gather to Pray for the spread of the gospel.

Youth (7th-12th)

7th-12th graders, hang out with us as we play games, eat pizza, and reflect on the sermon from the morning service on Matthew 4:12-25.

Pre-Teen (4th-6th)

4th-6th graders, hang out with us as we eat pizza and spend time reflecting on the sermon from the morning service on Matthew 4:12-25.

Who We Are

About Us

We are a community of believers in Christ who have proclaimed our faith through baptism and have covenanted together to live out our Christian lives as a local church in Sterling, Virginia.

While we do many things as a church, our understanding of God’s overarching purpose of redemption leads us to be focused on two main things

  1. Maturing in Christ (Growing as Christians)

  2. Multiplying (Reaching more people with the good news of salvation in Jesus)

Lord willing, everything we do as a church will serve one of these gospel purposes. 

Sterling Park Baptist Church

501 N York Rd
Sterling, VA, 20164