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main service Sermons

Evening Service Sermons




Matthew Series (ongoing)

Hebrews (18 Parts)

Proverbs Series (5 Parts)

Parables of Luke (3 Parts)

The Song of Songs (4 Parts)

What Does God Say About Gender, Race, & Politics?

Colossians (9 Parts)

Evangelism (4 Parts)

Daniel (6 Parts)

2 Peter (6 Parts)

Isaiah (14 Parts)

A Christian Is... (8 Parts)

Lamentations (4 Parts)

Church Basics (5 Parts)

John (46 Parts)

Jesus' Famous Last Words (5 Parts)

The Obedience of Faith in Romans (5 Parts)

James (12 Parts)

Ruth (4 Parts)

The Miracles of Jesus (4 Parts)

Revelation (26 Parts)

Micah (7 Parts)

Jude (4 Parts)

1 Samuel (34 Parts)

How Christians Deal With Sin (4 Parts)

1 Peter (11 Parts)

Jonah (4 Parts)

Note: Older sermon series will be added as time permits...